Jesus Filter

It was by far the hottest day of the week; temperatures got up to 97 (feels like 100+) with additional 30-40% humidity.  Luckily Golf and Echo finished early in the day.  Echo came back to the church and worked on a project for operation Christmas child after lunch.  Golf finished early afternoon and then went to Dairy Queen to cool off until they were allowed to come back to the church. Steve (the head construction coordinator) made sure to take Autumn to a special mural in Charlotte; one he knew she would love...and she did! Charlie/Delta worked hard and fast in the morning with just the ridge to finish after lunch; they finished around 3:15 to head back to the church.  Showers were definitely needed today! At service tonight Justin reiterated what he had shared this week about looking through our Jesus filter and doing what Jesus did.  We read John 4:4-26, 39-42; it's important to remember that Jesus was a Jew and Jews don't talk to Samaritans.  In fact, J

Too Complicated

It was another hot and humid day in NC.  The "feels like" temp was 98+ today.  The Golf crew is nearly done with their house thanks to some help from the Echo crew today.  The chaplain for Golf has been moved to another crew so it's been a couple days since they've had devotions on site; so Devan is stepping up to lead devotions tomorrow for their crew.  The Echo house is nearly complete and they will be done by lunch tomorrow - then they will go help other crews finish up.  Echo has had really good devotions the last few days with lots of participation.  They did have to re-do some of the ridge cap cuts due to a slight error in cutting.  Charlie and Delta worked really quick and hard today; they go a lot done and handled the heat really well.  They will finish tomorrow, but it will take most of the day to get it done.  Tomorrow we will all give our homeowners gifts we picked up at wal-mart and a bible, picture, and sign with our names from mission serve.  We will hav

5 Years in the Waiting...

Temperatures were rising again today, but luckily we only work 1/2 day on Wednesday.  The rest of the week temperatures will continue rising and with the addition of good ol' Carolina humidity it will be a struggle.  Today Charlie & Delta left early to try to get in some extra work due to the size of their roof.  Echo and Golf worked together and nearly completed one of the houses.  All crews headed back to the church around noon for showers and to get ready for our night out. Per tradition we found a park to hang out at for a little bit before dinner.  This year we went to a different park, Goat Island Park.  It was a fabulous park complete with a ropes course, permanent cornhole and ping pong tables, swings, playground, and exercise equipment (we didn't use that...hahaha). We're trying to convince the mayor of Anna to upgrade the town park to match.  While we were at the park we took time to read some notes and cards from Homefront Warriors praying for us.  We are s

Jumping for Jesus - Concert of Prayer

The Echo crew (Kacey and Clarissa) had to fix one valley today, they also got the whole back side shingled.  The best part of their day was that Clarissa and Kacey were leaders on the roof helping the other participants learn how to lay shingles correctly and solving problems.  Golf (Devan and Autumn) got one side of their roof shingled and had opportunity to talk to lots of people, they learned a lot about their crew members today; they have many boards on the roof that are weak, so they still have to be careful when walking.  Delta/Charlie (Colton, Isaac, Mark, Abby) got half of the shingles off the front and got down the synthetic underlayment and they started shingling the back side of the house.  The hardest part of their day was pulling the numerous  nails and staples and removing the 3-4 layers of old tar paper.  They also had some chances to interact with different members of their crew and learn a lot about each other.  Today we have accepted love and service by receiving sp

Changing Filters

(Note: Abby's phone has been on the fritz since leaving VA on Sunday and still isn't cooperating, so there have been no OneCallNow Updates - sorry if you've been waiting!  Facebook and blogger updates will continue though) Today was a "mild" weathered day here in NC...only 88 degrees (+10 on the roof).  Needless to say it was very warm and there were lots of breaks in the afternoon.  All of our crews got 1/2 the old shingles torn off and the underlayment paper down with plans to start shingling tomorrow.  Everyone in our group spent a lot of time up on the roof today.  Golf had a few holes in their roof to be careful of and replace as well as lots of cats.  Echo found some wasps to surprise them on their roof.  Charlie and Delta are on the same roof, so Abby, Mark, Colton, and Isaac are all on the same roof; oddly enough the roof size and layout is nearly identical to the Love 1+ roof we did in Anna this summer!  It is the biggest roof of the project and everyon

Love. Serve. Grow.

This morning we got up and had a nice continental breakfast at the hotel.  Our morning was nice and leisurely passed because we didn't need to leave until around noon.  After breakfast we spent some time relaxing and getting ready before having our own church outside by the mountainside.  We talked about  the mission on our shirts "Love. Serve. Grow."  Is it easier for us to receive love or to give?  Is it easier for us to serve others or receive service from others?  How can we grow while doing these things?  We were challenged to not only love and serve others, but to accept love and service from others.  Someone once said " When we allow others to serve us, we can invite the Spirit by asking Heavenly Father to help us grow closer to the individuals serving us…On the other hand, pushing the Spirit away with our discomfort and discouragement in our own abilities is not the Savior’s way. When we decline needed service, we are more focused on our own problems than we

Being An Example

7 churches.  97 participants.  8 crews.  12 houses.  100+ degrees.  1 God. Today we all finished our houses and had some time to do a few miscellaneous jobs too. No injuries requiring medical attention and everyone did great.  It's amazing what can happen with God in control! Our goal is to be back at the church tomorrow around 5pm. Tonight we had a celebration of all our accomplishments this week and recognized group leaders, squad leaders, and construction captains. One of the couples whose house we worked on joined us for worship and our church devotions.  It was great to spend more time interacting with them and they participated in some great discussion with us! The message tonight was all about Being Example and how we do that.   Part one is knowing the source.  Where do we go for answers?  What is our guide?  Scripture.  In 7:38 sums it up well, it is the living water.  Justin used the analogy of when you find a great new drink or food that you think is awesome.  If no one a